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          • Tlingit Dancer
          • Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) represents the Tlingit Alaska Natives from the Village of Saxman. CFC grows and maintains a strong financial foundation by profitably managing financial and land resources.

    • 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation
          • Blue mountains and water
          • Congress gave ANCs unique rights in the Federal procurement process, which are now codified under the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These rights provide Federal Agencies and Federal Contractors with strong incentives to contract with ANC firms.

    • Leadership
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          • Uniting our diverse team of subsidiaries and employees requires leaders who are devoted to the corporate mission and the community. A strong team looks to strong leaders for guidance and support.

    • Construction Services
          • Construction Services
          • We exceed expectations with our expert services in design-build, renovation, security, and everything else in between to provide the best for your construction needs.

    • Event Management & Marketing
          • Event Management
          • From conception to execution to promotion, Cape Fox FCG is the place to go for your next successful conference, workshop, or industry event.

    • Facilities & Security
          • Facilities & Security
          • Our Facilities and Security teams ensure the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of any building environment.

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          • Healthcare
          • We take care of you with expert level medical support, program coordination, clinical research, behavioral health, and more.

          • Occupational Health
    • IT & Cyber Security
          • IT & Cyber Security
          • We are ahead of the game with unique capabilities in leading-edge technologies and precision in solving information technology and cybersecurity challenges.

    • Professional Services
          • Professional Services
          • Our Professional Services teams specialize in Training, Human Resources, Healthcare Administration, and Administrative and Logistical Support Services.

    • Cape Fox Endeavor
          • Cape Fox Endeavor Logo
          • Cape Fox Endeavor’s primary mission is to provide efficient and reliable solutions that customers can rely on to solve all organizational challenges.

    • Cape Fox Facilities Services
          • Cape Fox Facilities Services
          • As a full-service professional service company, Cape Fox Facilities Services principally delivers scientific and research services; develops and manages human capital solutions; and provides traditional custodial, security, and maintenance services for Government and private sector clients.

          • HCaTS 8(a)
          • OASIS
    • Cape Fox Federal Integrators
          • Cape Fox Federal Integrators
          • Cape Fox Federal Integrators’ mission is to provide timely, innovative, and high-quality solutions to warfighters, Federal agencies, and commercial partners.

          • 8(a) STARS III
          • OASIS
    • Cape Fox Mission Systems
          • Cape Fox Mission Systems
          • As an industry leader, Cape Fox Mission Systems will deliver mission-critical solutions in nine key areas of technology, including Artificial Intelligence Technology, C5ISR, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Engineering and Integration, IT Modernization, Mission Planning, Secure Supply Chain, and Software Development.

    • Cape Fox Mountain Point
          • Cape Fox Mountain Point
          • Cape Fox Mountain Point expands the capabilities offered for construction and facilities services. Cape Fox Mountain Point’s mission is to be the preeminent provider of construction and facilities services by consistently delivering high quality services at fair and competitive prices.

    • Concentric Methods
          • Concentric Methods
          • As a contract service provider, Concentric Methods focuses on offering value-driven smart solutions in the following markets: medical services, information technology, professional administrative, biosafety, and engineering services.

          • Joint Commission Info
    • Eagle Health
          • Eagle Health
          • Eagle Health is a professional service company delivering integrated medical services, document control and records management, biosafety and biosecurity program management, occupational medical and health services, and professional and administrative support services solutions.

          • Eagle’s Eye View
          • Health Webinar Calendar
    • Kwaan Tech
          • Kwaan Tech
          • Kwaan Tech will accomplish its mission by focusing on Digital Modernization with three primary elements as its core competencies – Information Technology, Cyber Security and Command, Control, and Communications (C3).

    • NAVAR
          • NAVAR
          • NAVAR was founded in January 2005 as an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and is a subsidiary of Cape Fox Corporation. Prior to becoming a subsidiary of Cape Fox, NAVAR started out as a commercial company in Ketchikan, Alaska with a focus on the local tourism business.

    • Nooya Lake Technologies
          • Nooya Lake Technologies
          • Nooya Lake Technologies, LLC was founded in 2023 and will utilize its expertise to offer services to our government customers to address technology innovation, access, and utilization and bring digital equity and digital health equity solutions that matter.

    • Saxman One
          • Saxman One
          • Saxman One is a professional service company that principally delivers logistical support services, training solutions, conference and event management, and intelligence support to government and private sector clients.

    • Wolf Lake Services
          • Wolf Lake Services
          • Wolf Lakes Services’ primary mission is to help our customers realize significant performance and sustained improvements by creating unprecedented value, providing high standards of customer service, and achieving extraordinary results.

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          • At Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group (FCG), we offer you the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the mission objectives Cape Fox FCG supports. Committed to an uncompromising pursuit of excellence, we seek individuals of exceptional talent, integrity, and professional responsibility.

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          • Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group (FCG) believes strongly in the core values of our Alaska Native Tlingit ancestors of family and community. By strengthening our communities, we are emboldening our company. Over the past decade, we have grown our efforts to be a more diverse and inclusive company by starting with defining our values and mission.

    • Meet Our Professionals
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          • We hire experts in their respective fields, ensure that budgets are created and adhered to achieve the most cost-effective results, have dedicated personnel who address safety requirements and industry standards, and employ security staff who establish protocols and meet government guidelines efficiently and promptly.

    • Professional Development
          • In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, continuous learning and skill development are more than just an asset; they are necessities. The 2024 Professional Development Series offers a structured, comprehensive approach to learning, ensuring that our employees are not just prepared for the challenges of today but are also equipped to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.
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          • The Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group (FCG) Newsroom provides updates on press releases, white papers, Eagle's Eye View blog, and employee awards.

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          • The FCG award-winning online video library provides insights, shows capabilities, and shares what it means to be Team Cape Fox.

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IT & Cyber Security

Cape Fox FCG is leading the way by partnering with the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies to provide advanced, solution-based technology methods. Utilizing ITIL and PMP-based processes, we offer proven technology solutions, emerging technology trends, advanced research and development, and expert testing and evaluation. Our IT and Cybersecurity capabilities include support in areas such as unmanned weapons systems, healthcare IT solutions, biosafety engineering, next-generation systems, and much more.


IT & Cyber Security

Cape Fox FCG is leading the way by partnering with the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies to provide advanced, solution-based technology methods. Utilizing ITIL and PMP-based processes, we offer proven technology solutions, emerging technology trends, advanced research and development, and expert testing and evaluation. Our IT and Cybersecurity capabilities include support in areas such as unmanned weapons systems, healthcare IT solutions, biosafety engineering, next-generation systems, and much more.

01 Bringing the Future Into Today

We use our technology expertise to develop and implement training solutions, provide logistics support, recommend network configurations, ensure appropriate security solutions, manage assets, provide testing and evaluation, and support intelligence missions. We offer rapid solutions and quality delivery while expanding our capabilities to meet the growing need to modernize and expand existing technology systems and applications. As a leader in technology services, we are able to work with top talent and specialized industry leaders to ensure complete mission support. Our expert methods are your first steps to success – let’s work together and bring the future of technology to your business today.

02 Our Technology Offerings Include:

Connectivity / SD-WAN

(Fiber, Cable, Wireless, Satellite)

Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS – (Hosted VoIP Solutions)


(Firewalls, Threat Detection, DDos Mitigation, Malware, Virus & Phishing Protection)


(Hosted Infrastructure, Public/Private & Hybrid Cloud, Data Center & Collocation, Disaster Recovery, Managed Office 365)


(Wireless Services, Expense Management, Internet of Things)


(Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Application Services, CRM, Client Based Security, IT Service Management)

Customer Service
Customer Experience

(Contact Center, CRM Integration, OmniChannel, SMS & CPaaS)

Managed Services

(Professional Services, Managed 365, App Help, IT Services Management)

03 Mission Success

United States Air Force (USAF)

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations deliver top-secret intelligence related to enemy strength, movements, and activity to key Command & Control (C2)/Intelligence centers. Planning, carrying out, and ensuring the security of each mission depends on having the correct information at the right time gained through systems connectivity and availability. Leveraging highly experienced, certified, and trained individuals to support the 30 RS Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) helps ensure we remain ahead of our enemies and have consistent mission success.

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Cape Fox Federal Integrators, LLC (CFFI) has a long history of providing support to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and Reconnaissance Squadrons (RS) across all facets of mission execution. Our support includes the initial design and engineering of Remotely Piloted Aircraft-Squadron Operations Centers (RPA-SOC), mission planning tasks, global dissemination of collected sensor data, daily mission operational support and execution, training of military counterparts, and sustainment of the multi-level security systems and networks that encompass the total system-of-systems enterprise for UAS employment.

We have extensive experience in all facets of multi-level security network and mission systems support, especially in collateral, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), and SAP activities deriving from more than ten years of experience with RPA site design, installation, and maintenance support. We provide daily network oversight for operations and testing and training personnel/students for SAP/Special Access Required (SAR)/SCI networks and systems. We support operations during deployments to enable mission connectivity between multiple locations. We implement processes and procedures that result in more robust and stable networks and network management systems. We use proven system administration tactics, techniques, and procedures to quickly resolve or preempt outages before they become a problem through continuous monitoring and optimization.

Our team supports and performs daily Communications Security (COMSEC) tasks such as loading keying materials as well as coordinates completion status. CFFI personnel obtain, remove, replace, operate, store, transport, support, and manage COMSEC items and keying materials associated with required encryption devices installed at the site. We ensure personnel requiring access to classified COMSEC information meet the access requirements stated in AFI 33-201, Volume 2, and all COMSEC User Requirements. We comply with all local security measures and procedures for accessing and handling all COMSEC equipment or materials.

Team CFFI Network Support personnel serve as technical SMEs on multi-level security networks, providing full-scale technical support and administration for operations worldwide, where we:

  • Provide operational and technical assistance for installation, configuration, and maintenance of communications systems and networks supporting the warfighter
  • Plan for Enterprise network architectures to include routers, switches, and hubs
  • Monitor and control networks, available bandwidth, and hardware and software resources
  • Activate circuits, perform end-to-end troubleshooting for circuit and network outages, and coordinate with theater J6, AF Network Control Center (NCC), and operational sites as required
  • Maintain equipment and communications infrastructure in support of ISR taskings
  • Implement and enforce national, DoD, and AF security policies to protect networks from internal and external threats, including Perimeter Security System (PSS), Boundary Security System (BSS), and Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) guard, as required
  • Install, configure, and upgrade security hardware and perform security intrusion assessments and monitoring
  • Apply and validate security patch updates and establish current Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC) compliance on all RPA servers and workstations.
  • Monitor C2 system network capabilities and limitations; optimize configurations for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Configure network hardware and software to meet operational specifications

We also provide Information System Security Officers (ISSOs) as the principal POCs for Information Assurance (IA) activities for SAP/SCI networks and systems. CFFI ISSOs provide daily network oversight in support of operations to enable mission connectivity between multiple locations. They ensure that appropriate steps are taken to implement information security requirements for the IT system throughout its life cycle, from the requirements definition phase through disposal. CFFI ISSOs participate in reviewing and evaluating existing software procedures and recommend improvements to processes that resolve Automated Data Processing (ADP) security incidents, mishap prevention, classified information spillage, and the associated reporting procedures. Our ISSOs document and track all security patches/fixes and scanning/remediation at the sites, ensuring all required updates are accomplished. The ISSO’s efforts ensure that planned and actual software and equipment installations are completed in accordance with applicable security policies and regulations, ensuring the protection of confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and non-repudiation of user data. Our ISSO personnel review and maintain audit trails to establish hardware and software baselines for security tracking purposes.

United States Air Force (USAF)

The RPA–SOC program, comprised of the Air National Guard (ANG), Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Air Combatant Command (ACC), and the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), provides the capability for squadron-level mission planning, airspace coordination, tasking/targeting updates, threat warning, data archival and retrieval, establishing and maintaining situational awareness, dissemination, and support in areas of mission execution, intelligence, weather administration, and communications. The 577th Software Engineering Squadron (SWES) is used as the prime integrator office by the RPA–SOC System Program Office (SPO) to design and maintain the RPA–SOCs for all the major commands (MAJCOM). The SOC is comprised of both unique equipment solutions for interfacing and communication between the crew in the Ground Control Station (GCS), forward aircraft, and C2 centers worldwide at the Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) levels.

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This system of systems provides critical C2 data and voice interconnectivity to enable pilots and sensor operators to fly and control Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) for Reaper aircraft worldwide. Under this contract, CFFI provides exceptional support services, including warehousing, systems engineering, pre-construction site visits, installation of the hardware, software, and furniture associated with the installation, technical refresh, and modernization of the RPA–SOCs for all the MAJCOMs at multiple CONUS locations.

CFFI delivers an experienced and certified staff of engineers, technicians, and program/project managers who work together to maintain critical systems, troubleshoot, analyze, develop, document, configure, install, test, and provide mission-impacting technical and security solutions. Our team ensures network security by implementing hardware and software mechanisms to protect the network and infrastructure from unauthorized access, disruptions, and misuse. Our network security protocols and procedures help protect RPA assets against external and internal threats. CFFI performs cybersecurity engineering-related technical consultations to include expert assessment of access control systems and methodology, application and file security, security practices, hostile intrusion detection and prevention, logical and physical security, cross-security boundary guards and interfaces, servers (enterprise, distributed, network), public key infrastructure, network architecture, cybersecurity (authentication and integrity), and virtual private networks.

We consistently exceed AF RPA mission requirements, receiving accolades and Exceptional CPARS ratings by:

  • Ensuring the availability, reliability, sustainability, operations, and administration of IT servers, data storage, and software applications
  • Supporting the identification, reconnaissance, and exploitation of vulnerabilities within cyberspace environments
  • Designing, installing, configuring, and sustaining the network and telecommunication infrastructure, distribution media, cryptographic equipment, and associated devices

Providing communications and network systems architecture, video distribution and long-haul communications system, and enhancement support for the RPA-SOC Enterprise

04 Subsidiaries with these Capabilities:

Cape Fox Endeavor
Cape Fox Facilities Services
Cape Fox Federal Integrators
Concentric Methods
Kwaan Tech
Nooya Lake Technologies
Saxman One

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