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Human Capital and Training Solutions 8(a) – HCaTS 8(a)

General Overview

Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) is an IDIQ government-wide contract vehicle that provides reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient ways for Federal agencies to obtain best-value, customized solutions for human capital management and training requirements. HCaTS is available to all Federal Agencies and has been designated as a Best-in-Class solution for Human Capital and Training Solutions.

Under this contract, we offer solutions in the key service areas of:

  • Improving the management of human capital in accordance with the HCAAF and OPM governing doctrines and accomplishing their assigned critical missions
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of critical business processes
  • Providing optimal professional development opportunities to the Federal workforce
  • Undertaking effective change management initiatives
  • Developing effective metrics to assess progress in carrying out human capital strategies
  • Maximizing the return on investment in training and development, human capital, and organizational performance improvements

Pool 2 NAICS Codes include: 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting; 541612 Human Resources Consulting Services; 541613 Marketing Consulting Services; 541618 Other Management Consulting Services; and 611710 Educational Support Services.

For additional information please visit the HCaTS PMO Website for an overview on HCaTS features and capabilities.

Cape Fox Capabilities

We are dedicated to understanding the challenges facing personnel needs at Government agency sites across the country – budget-cuts, increased workloads, high turn-over rates, and low job satisfaction to mention just a few. Fully comprehending the value of appropriately skilled and reliable human capital management staff¬ has allowed us to refine our recruiting and training processes and helps retain the best and brightest human resources professionals.

  • Provide full employee lifecycle human resources operational support services including strategic recruitment and outreach, sta¬ffing, classification, strategic planning, workforce analysis, labor and employee relations, performance management, succession planning, retirement and benefits services, compensation, payroll, and personnel action processing
  • Perform training and facilitation services for continuous learning and professional development programs such as curriculum development and instructional design
  • Manage human resource information systems (HRIS) and associated information technology (IT) training and help desk needs
  • Provide customizable and agile solution-driven management capabilities and qualified professional personnel designed to enhance our client’s mission requirements