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Cape Fox Endeavor, LLC was founded in 2021. It is the newest subsidiary to join the Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group family. Cape Fox Endeavor's primary mission is to provide efficient and reliable solutions that customers can rely on to solve all organizational challenges. Challenge is defined as a task or situation that tests someone's abilities. At Cape Fox Endeavor, we evaluate, strategize, and create solutions that address organizational challenges to turn challenges into solutions.

The Federal Government often relies on traditional business models that are not adaptable to the changing business environments. Cape Fox Endeavor offers our customers a flexible solutions-based strategy to all organizational, administrative obstacles to improve the organizational effectiveness for Cape Fox Endeavor customers. Cape Fox Endeavor does not lead or follow but will partner with our customers to implement creative solutions to unique challenges. Cape Fox Endeavor will focus on five areas of expertise, professional, technology, legal, medical, and engineering services. Cape Fox Endeavor will bring expertise from previous subsidiaries and experience in recruiting industry experts to provide agile solutions and attain mission success for each of our customers.

IT Team

Why Cape Fox Endeavor, LLC?

IT Group Cape Fox Endeavor offers an agile visionary approach to its five core capabilities to maintain business operational success for each government agency customer, including professional, technology, legal, medical, and engineering services. To achieve mission success, Cape Fox Endeavor uses an agile EAC approach which means it will Evaluate, Strategize, and Create solutions. Using an Agile Services approach, Cape Fox Endeavor teams will quickly iterate, test, and gather feedback to produce creative solution results. Significant challenges will be divided into measurable processes of work that promise more accurate and rapid solution development.

Cape Fox Endeavor will create an environment that will empower both its employees and its customers. Employees will feel empowered to do their jobs at the highest possible levels, thus empowering customers to feel confident that their organization's needs are fully addressed. CFE will foster an atmosphere of finding the solution to any challenge, thus maximizing corporate revenues and shareholder returns.

Why is an Agile approach the best, and what you need?

  • Agile provides an informal communication platform that helps in building a better rapport with customers.
  • Agile teams create better customer engagements and longer/extended contracts.
  • Iterative Delivery helps get ideas implemented.
  • By evaluating, strategizing, and creating, agile teams are able to review and plan for each need while finding creative solutions that will work more efficiently and effectively.
  • With an Agile Services approach, all developmental steps are followed and executed through strategy and expertise, from analysis to testing and deployment.
  • Finally, a flexible, agile approach allows for greater creative solutions, more adaptable business executions, and a more resilient organizational answer to maintain and grow successful business endeavors.

Cape Fox Endeavor will be the operational leader who can modernize, adapt and strengthen your systems. Endeavor means trying hard to do or achieve something, which is why we take an agile approach to get the job done. So, why Cape Fox Endeavor? Because Cape Fox Endeavor uses a flexible, agile approach that will align everyone with the same vision, which leads to Mission Success!


Mark Owens

Mark Owens
Director of Operations

As the leader of Cape Fox Endeavor, Mark is responsible for all oversight of the company’s day-to-day management, employees, and resources. Mark partners with key organizational stakeholders and clients to turn challenges into solutions. He applies a flexible solutions-based strategy to all administrative obstacles to improve the organizational effectiveness of Cape Fox Endeavor customers. While walking through the implementation of various solutions in partnership with clients, Mark can identify additional opportunities to foster synergetic, efficient, and successful workplace environments. Mark prides himself on helping others see their role and value and in working cohesively to accomplish the goal of any business mission.

Mark has a proven management track record in various settings with over 15 years of experience providing solutions to Federal and Non-Federal clients. Mark’s experience ranges from recruiting professionals to managing staffing solutions to overseeing large-scale Federal medical clinical operations. Mark also has experience driving business development and leading operations in the medical staffing and professional support services industries, where he has successfully turned around multiple failing enterprises. Mark received his business degree at Howard University and possesses a Lean Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis certification and Certified Personnel Consulting.


As a subsidiary of Cape Fox Corporation, an Alaska Native-owned Corporation, we are always looking for talented, hardworking employees to join our team. We are proud of our diverse workplace, our cultural and heritage emphasis, and our focus on giving back to the communities that support us. Come join the Cape Fox FCG Team. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, professional development opportunities, and a fully vested 401(k).

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