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Rev up your engines! Cape Fox Federal Integrators, LLC (CFFI), a Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) subsidiary, offers positions with our U.S. Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP). Since 2006 Cape Fox has kept our service members and their families safe by training over one million soldiers worldwide through the ATSTP. This comprehensive behavioral modification training program is designed to combat aggressive driving for both Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) and motorcycles. The overall objective of ATSTP is to preserve our troops’ combat readiness by significantly reducing deaths and injuries resulting from traffic and recreational accidents.

This program provides motorcycle safety foundation (MSF) courses to members of our U.S. Army Military. All Instructors are responsible for training management and preparation. The Instructors conduct student-centered, classroom and range learning activities on theory and application of Traffic Safety.

We have multiple locations throughout the United States. We have full-time positions in Fort Drum, NY and South Korea along with part-time openings in Virginia, California, Georgia, and New York.

For 16 years, CFFI and CFC has delivered top-quality motorcycle training to our military. Search our listings below to find the best location for your next position. Cape Fox offers a team-oriented environment and we are excited to welcome YOU to our team. For further information, you can also contact Recruiting Manager Angie Lock (703) 686-2456, alock@capefoxss.com.